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Sunday, 17 November 2013

26 Edible Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Edible Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas
There is something about a homemade gift that really warms the heart, at least for me.  I love giving and receiving gifts that people took the time to make themselves and put their personal touch on.  These are the best gifts!
So many people think that they can’t make homemade gifts, that they’re too involved, use too many tools or materials they don’t have but instead of trying to make that homemade chalkboard or personalized sign for the front door why not make an Edible Homemade Christmas Gift?

There was one year that I received some homemade hot cocoa mix and fudge sauce from a friend in a cute little mug and it was one of my favorite gifts.  It wasn’t fancy or expensive but it was perfect and she took the time to make it for me.  I love that!  There are so many different ways to make an edible Christmas gift this year, but we have 26 amazing ideas to get you started today!  Enjoy!

Homemade + DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Love banana bread? Give it a Christmas twist with a few juicy tart cranberries and share with your family and friends. Wrap up a warm loaf of this Cranberry Banana Bread in some waxed or craft paper and tie with a pretty ribbon or a piece of twine. We love this recipe from Joy the Baker.
Short on time? Try this DIY Vanilla Sugar recipe from Van Houtte Coffee and gift it away in a pretty mason jar. All you need is some sugar and a couple vanilla beans that you could pick-up at a gourmet grocery or bulk store. Add a tag and suggest using the sugar in coffee, tea, baking and sprinkling on fruit salad.
If you can dip a pretzel in chocolate, then you can make this next homemade gift! Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods are one of my favourite things because of the sweet and salty pairing. Dip the pretzels in white or dark chocolate and roll around in festive sprinkles, nuts or chocolate swirl. Try this easy recipe using chocolate chips and your microwave from Paula Deen. After the rods have set, place 4-5 chocolate-dipped pretzel rods into a clear cellophane bag and wrap with ribbon.
Give the gift of vodka. You can never go wrong. But take it to the next level and make your own Jalapeno Infused Vodka – perfect for mixing up a spicy Caesar. Not into spice? Infuse organic vodka (if you want to get fancy) with pineapple, ginger, fresh herbs or lemon peels. We like all the ideas from Brit + Co. on vodka infused mix-ins.

Hook your girlfriends up with a trio of Homemade Lip Butters to keep chapped winter lips at bay. Package up in a cute little box and a homemade gift tag. Try this recipe from Life Ann Style for this easy DIY.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

I bought an old, torn quilt at our local thrift store for $5 and made 6 or 7 stockings.
At the time I didn’t even have a sewing machine and sewed them by hand. It’s funny to realize how desperate I must have been because I do NOT sew. But they turned out quite cute.
Food Gifts
It’s the gift everyone can use, it’s thoughtful and it’s inexpensive. Our homemade, braided loaf bread with berry butter was a hit that year. Honey butter is also an easy, yummy addition.
You can do a lot with a printer. Everyone loves personalized gifts and a set of note cards with stamps in a basket is a great, useful gift. (Be sure to buy your printer ink on line for maximum savings.) We also watched Hobby Lobby for the sale on blank note cards.
Homemade skin products.
This is the actual basket I gave as a gift that prompted me to start our skin product business. The tile pot was inspired by a bunch of broken tile my husband had found on a remodeling job. (We also made some mosaic trays that year with the tile.)
Homemade Candles
Creativity isn’t utilized nearly as much as it is when you have no options but to use what you have. This candle was made from old, broken candles (I began asking if people would save them for me), an orange juice container for the mold, and leaves I collected in the fall, dipped in wax, and saved to make gifts. I brushed the leaves on with hot wax and a paint brush.

Gift Wrapping
We didn’t buy wrapping paper, ribbon or bows that year. We wrapped with brown paper bags, fabric, maps and newspaper. We garnished with pine cones, leaves, hand prints in paint, shapes cut from fabric, and anything else we could think of.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Birthday Gifts for Men

Finding perfect birthday gifts for men can be a dreaded experience.  I for one always find myself procrastinating until the very last minute and eventually buy the usual bottle of expensive wine.  I would really like to be more creative when buying birthday gifts for men and have found a perfect gift solution to assist anyone who feels similar.
Instead of birthday gifts for men being the usual tie, socks, biltong or CD purchase, how about buying birthday gifts that are activity gifts instead?  Not many people know that there is an innovative gift voucher which you can purchase online (in the comfort of your own home), download and place in a card.  Magically you have done something quite ordinary but at the same time you’ve given someone a unique birthday gift.
Activity Gift Vouchers make perfect birthday gifts for men because they are all activity related.  Clients can choose from a range of experiences to include Air, Motorsport, Skill, Lifestyle, Romance, Adrenaline and more.  Within each category you will find unique birthday gifts for men to include quad biking, river rafting, hot air ballooning, advanced driving, boat cruises, skydiving and more.  I have sourced and selected various activity birthday gifts for men to suit all tastes and adventure levels.  Some birthday gifts for men are tame and other birthday gifts for men are more adrenaline based.

Celestial Gift Experiences is South Africa’s number gift experience company.  Established since 2005 and aligned with the country’s top rewards and loyalty platforms you are guaranteed that any birthday gifts for men that you may buy will be executed with a service of excellence.  From search and selection to purchase and booking, finding birthday gifts for men has never been easier.

Choosing Effective Solutions of Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday is a very special event in someone’s life. Whether it’s your big day or your loved one’s birthday, it requires special attention and ought to be perfect and memorable. Unique Birthday Gift Ideas can surely make the recipient feel more special by providing them with something extraordinary, thoughtful and personalized. Manage to come up with a present that produces lasting memories rather than accomplishing a function.
You can get a gift that may be associated to your personality or to your feelings towards the recipient of the birthday gift. It’s also advisable to choose the present that’s befitting the age of the receiver. It will be better to consider unique birthday gifts so won’t arrive at a party carrying a last minute gift that doesn’t even say something about your relationship with the birthday celebrator.
1. Unique Birthday Gifts for Children
Though there are plenty of possibilities, it’s hard to create forth unique gifts ideas for children’s birthday. They usually outgrow almost everything. So better select a gift that the child can keep at the very least until their next birthday. For your child’s birthday, manage to get educational books, instructive CD books or a good toy. Such presents can help them grow up and they are able to stick to your son or daughter for a number of years.
2. Birthday Presents for a Music Lover
It’s your best friend’s birthday and you discover it hard to think about suitable gift for him or her. Don’t fret much! Think about his / her interests and preferences. If he or she is just a music lover, you can get a discman, mp3 player, or an array of music cds with her favorite songs. These gifts aren’t just useful; you may also be sure that the recipient should and keep carefully the gift because of it to last.

3. Birthday Gifts for Family Members
One unique Birthday Gift Ideas